And Then Summer Turned to Fall . . .

Live your life to its fullest – drive on as many roads as you can

I don’t know where I picked this thought up – but when I was quite young – as a teenager I think – I realized that life is shorter than anyone would like – and that you have to “grab all the gusto while you can” (was that a beer commercial?). I made a pact with some deity – or the devil – that I would never ever say “I wish I would have” as far as my life is concerned. I’ve succeeded so far, for sure.

Your life should chug along like this water taxi in San Francisco – if you are doing it right

There were years where I knew I was living some fantasy – like being a rock star – or a photographer – but I went out and had shows and whatnot. They are memories worth gold now – the only thing that matters is that I made the effort and actually did it – I feel complete in that regard.

I had really great photo shows at the Cafe Soma in the Soma and the Meat Market Cafe in Noe Valley. I played at music clubs with two bands I was in – at places like Hotel Utah, Uncle Charlies, Club Afrique, Fritzes Kennel Club, Nightbreak, Firehouse7 and many others. I ate at Bepples Pies – their Chicken Pot Pie was legendary – you can hardly even find a reference to any of these places any more. Luckily, the Hotel Utah, DNA Lounge, The Stud and Holy Cow are still there. Hamburger Mary’s is long gone.

But that’s the point – I’ve long outlived some iconic and great places in the SF Bay Area. I did “it” when it could have been done – and I feel enriched because of that. Things have changed – and while San Francisco isn’t what it was – now Oakland is taking up that mantle – so I’ve just switched to another place – a different road if you will.

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