FREQ 300 #13: IOTA NA-210 – Sledge Island

IOTA NA-210: Sledge Island

WOW – now I’m feeling pretty smug about mixing it up with IOTA and DXCC entities. When using QRP, you need something that is “different” than just one or the other – more variety means much lower frustration because there are more opportunities to work DX – and real DXpeditions. I just realized that any IOTA DXpedition is a real DXpedition, its just that the teams tend to be smaller and the advertisement isn’t as widely known as the big $500K plus DXCC DXPeditions. I also realized that IOTA will outlast and outlive DXCC Top of Honor Roll – and maybe even DXCC Honor Roll (in its present state).


They probably can see Russia from their back door

The island looks really beautiful and is so close to Russia – and this makes it quite “exotic”.

It seems to be fairly rare from the IOTA web site, so that’s exciting. I would imagine anyone who lives near Indonesia might have an advantage if there are many IOTA counters in that part of the world – I think that might be the biggest archipelago in the world.  In fact, its the Malay Archipelago with (freaking amazing) 17,000 islands! There are 7000 near the Philippines.

WOW – now I see why IOTA is such a cool program. It is geographically fascinating – even more so than DXCC.

At least one DXer is wondering why it took me this long to wake up to this fact (hi hi). But – I’ve upped the ante with QRP!


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