DXing: Just Do It!

No More “Mr. Slave to DXCC” . . . 

I used to join the crowd who (especially when there weren’t many DXpeditions going on) would commiserate about this DXCC Entity or that one, and some Self Righteous Clown would just throw out “DX IS!” to try to stop the discussion.

Truth is – all of us were Self Righteous Clowns – pontificating about a first world problem. The smart(er) DXers would be off on some other pursuit – being on the air instead of on the forums or social media channels.

Anyone who participated in IOTA as well as DXCC certainly were doing it the “right way”, and just took each “list” for what they were. I’m glad I finally realized this – and combined chasing from both lists “a la carte”.

For me, my “Imaginary dxing award” ends up being better than the sum of the two lists. It is DXing for DXing’s sake. Its a lot like playing guitar – I love doing it for the sake of doing it – gone are my 20 something year old drive to “prove something” – like play in a band and try to get gigs. There is something about not having that baggage and Just Doing It.


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