FREQ 300 #15: 9M62MM – West Malaysia

Special Event Station 9M62MM – 62nd Anniversary of Malaysian Independence

The operator, Nazmi was very good – a good CW op and he was able to pull me out of the noise. Its the 3rd farthest DX QSO – after Perth, Australia and Sri Lanka, and the second most “exotic” DXCC counter after Sri Lanka. It can be argued that the most exotic station that I have worked was Sledge Island – IOTA – NA-210, which is not as far away as several other entities, and it probably has been worked less than many of the most rare DXCC islands.

So, this only compounds my feelings towards this new DX pursuit -it mixes the game up and makes it far more interesting than just one or the other. When the K7TRI team lands their helicopter on Tillamook Lighthouse, and they are using an UrbanBeam, it will be a pure joy to work them QRP. I expect that it will be a busy DXpedition – this is only the second time NA-211 has ever been activated. Lucky for me – its only about 550 miles away. I expect that 40M will be king – but 30 or 20M should be usable.

I don’t know how many local DXers are into IOTA – all of the talk that I see is DXCC related. This means I could “fly under the radar” as a QRP-er. Working Sledge Island on 40 and 20M was a piece of cake – those operators were just phenomenal.

These days I feel a day was a big success DX wise if I work one new one a day. It doesn’t happen that way, and I don’t spend a lot of time in the shack, but I now have a purpose as far as DXing is concerned – I haven’t really had one since VK0EK, 3 years ago. The best part – this is just pure fun.

Each and every QRP DX QSO is a “good one” – a real sense of accomplishment. With QRO I never felt this way – there were many “shades of grey”.

2 Comments on “FREQ 300 #15: 9M62MM – West Malaysia

  1. That is a great “get”!

    It’s fascinating reading what you work from the West Coast USA. It’s *sooo* much different than what we get here, even though we’re both in the same country. Propagation is a funny thing…

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  2. I grew up near the Delaware Water Gap and had the call WA2QHN in the early 70’s – and experienced how EU, ME and AF were “easy”. Here, they are the best “catches” DX wise. I do remember getting excited even if I heard Hawaii late in the afternoon from Newton, NJ.

    Here, OC-PAC and Asia are easy. Its all relative, and its a huge difference between the coasts.


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