The NEW ICOM IC-705 portable QRP rig

Now that I have heard that is DOES NOT have an internal antenna tuner (and that one is not mentioned in their specification sheet) – fuggetaboutit – I will pass on this rig. I am not concerned about power drain as much as the SOTA folks, but without an antenna tuner – it seems like a major oversight.

Its all preliminary, so maybe they will add one at some time in the future.


7 Comments on “ICOM IC-705

  1. I’m not sold. Doesn’t matter, anyway, since the rig won’t be available until sometime next year.


    It’s kind of a deal-breaker that there’s no “antenna tuner” built in. Serious portable operation requires this, at least in my view.

    OK, I guess I should define “serious portable” operation. Carrying your radio out into the field, setting up a small antenna like the Elecraft AX-1, and working somebody, anybody is definitely portable operation. Lots of people find that great fun and maybe novel. After all, you shouldn’t have much expectation from a portable radio, right? OTOH, as they say on The Interweb Thingy, it really is possible to hold higher aspirations from portable operation. It could be to work DX on multiple bands using an open wire fed dipole, or the ability to effectively use whatever is available in an emergency situation to have reliable communication. Either way you need a flexible antenna matching device. If it’s not integrated with the radio, that’s not so good.

    That nice screen and the associated functionality probably gobbles battery time, too.

    OTOH, if you really do have three hands (polymelia?), for use at home with only an occasional venture into the field, it’s probably fine.

    I wonder how the receive audio sounds.

    Presumably, the USB port provides access to the audio as a virtual sound card in the radio, making WSJT-X operation (FT8 and so on) much easier and more reliable than redigitizing the receive audio coming out of the headphone jack. That’d be a major plus. It’s almost 2020, after all.

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    • I agree, no on board ATU is also a deal breaker for me. Watch some YouTube videos on QRP portable operations and take note on how many ham use non resonant antennas. I use only resonant antenna, but from time to time, I need an ATU.
      Icom hit the nail on the head with the IC703 by including an ATU and no battery, but they missed the boat on this one.

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      • I’d trade away D*Star for an ATU if ICOM asked me. Heh heh. They won’t ask me ….


  2. I saw an ICOM video where they say an antenna tuner is built in. But I agree on the battery usage with the touch screen – it has to gobble up more juice than my KX-3. I certainly would wait and see next year – I’m more than happy with the KX-3 – and it sets the mark for any next purchase for me.


    • All third hand fake news and speculation. The way of the world these days. Who cares about this reality based reality stuff anyway?

      There’s already an over-the-top Facebook page for the IC-705. People are so gaga over hardware and features…

      The USA Icom guy had a live discussion about the IC-705. In it, he said that there IS a built-in antenna tuner.

      Alas, he later had to do another live stream to correct himself. There ISN’T a tuner in the IC-705.


      Besides, you have to ask yourself whether you’re in all of this to make QSOs or because you are fascinated by hardware. (Either or both is OK)

      I don’t think that the IC-705, or any current radio, will ever reach the iconic and collectible status of, say, a 75A-4. I’d note that the firmware in the 75A-4 never needs upgrading – maybe that’s part of the appeal.

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      • I sure agree with you on the 75A4. Also, the speculation is rediculous. Now I can’t tell what this rig has in it. I’m sure the power consumption is way higher than the KX-2.


      • I see that replies to replies don’t work…

        It’s probably always been the case that people are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs as well as for new shiny hardware. I sure was when I was a kid. That’s not a criticism on my part – to each their own. It certainly seems that this is even more true today.

        Many of the youTube reviews of anything devote the majority of their time talking about the customer presentation – the box and so on – and the features. As for the former, it seems like a waste of materials and bad for the environment. For the latter, well, somebody recently devoted a blog post to elegant user interfaces. (He had a very good point.)

        I guess the other thing that people are hyper-focused on is “The Deal.” As in, “I saved $5 on this by giving the company a DNA sample. Totally worth it!” How many times do you have somebody tell you how s/he purchased a new something or other and within the first 12 words out of their mouth they talked about the deal they got? Everybody is now a hard business person wanting “value” of some kind. How they determine “value” is beyond me.

        In my mind, all of this gets in the way of companies developing truly good or great products. Instead they appeal to our baser instincts. But, they have to eat, too…

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