Break Like The Solar Wind

Aaaaaaah Yes, Spinal Tap . . .

Some days you turn on the radio, and poof! nothing but frying pan noise. Such is the case as an earth directed blast of broken wind blows past our collective cosmic nostrils.

Yes – another “good one”

I’m sure the FT8 folks are doing just fine, but, like Brawndo’s electrolytes, its CW that I crave.

These are the days where having other hobbies or perhaps some projects at the workbench is a saving grace.

A couple of “musings” I’ve had lately:

  1. I have now looked at some of the Chinese HF rigs lately, the latest Ten Tec offering, and even this ICOM IC-705, and I have to hand it to Elecraft – they still are Top Dawg as far as DXing is concerned. They took over from where Ten Tec left off years ago. The Chinese rigs largely look like inexpensive knock offs of other rigs, ICOM’s IC-705 has DSTAR which I’d trade for an internal ATU instead, which leaves Elecraft designing the K4 and KX series to fit DXers like a glove – what you need and no extra bells and whistles that really don’t matter. I am curious as to what the KX-4 will be after they get the K4 into production
  2. This KX3 / Win4K3Suite setup that I have – plus the Begali Sculpture Mono is perfect for where I am at, and I am back in the DXing game seriously again – after drifting for 3 years. When I go to the DX Forum’s and see people “toiling” over DXCC list or DXpedition topics I just laugh that I used to also be just like that. Its freeing to be doing it just for the fun of it. Oh – the Begali Sculpture Mono has now surpassed the HST III in my books – after using both for a while. These two keys are keepers – in fact, they are the only 2 keys I have left – I just sold the Begali Blade – because I realized – being honest with myself, if its not the top experience – I don’t want it. The bugs I tried, the dual lever paddles and the straight keys are nostalgia – but were NOT enjoyable. I realize that my time is worth more than things are any more – make the time count has always been my mantra – but now I am doubling down on that
  3. My old company, Credit Karma, and for that matter, Twitter have pinged me asking me how I am handling CCPA at LendUp. It feels great to have stuck to my guns and realize I was a year ahead of the curve. It proves that bigger companies just can’t execute as fast as smaller companies. At first I faulted these bigger companies, then realized what used to be small scrappy startups are just as big and “clunky” as the much bigger companies. They have become the New Big Companies. Victims of their own success me thinks . . . The upshot is that I have become an expert in this new field – “Data Protection”. I really do believe its the IT sub-genre that will keep me employed until I retire. In fact, I can demand that and be picky and choosy a bit more than I had been up to now – I can ride into the retirement sunset in 7 or so years more on my terms than I had thought say a year ago. This is quite comforting . . . Best of all I can “Finish Strong” – which is always a great thing in sports

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