Tillamook Lighthouse, NA-211: K7TRI

NA-211 off the northern coast of Oregon

Well, I know what I will be doing this weekend – besides going to the gym. I’m hoping my UrbanBeam can be heard by their UrbanBeam – with me running only 5 watts.

Conditions are poor right now on 40M – the noise is S9, an its been this way for a good week now. Even so, because I am so close, I am hopeful. I’m guessing that maybe 20M will be a good shot – I worked Vancouver Island up that way on 20M easily, and also Sledge Island on 40 and 20M easily in the last month.

In a lot of ways, this activation is as exciting – or maybe even more exciting – than working Navassa or Desecheo. Its even more challenging of a place to get to, and they are doing it for a tiny fraction of those $500K plus DXpeditions.

It sure puts things in perspective. What is it (or was it at this point) was it that caused so many people to raise $500K plus for activation’s that are not even as exciting as landing a helicopter on a lighthouse roof? I am seriously starting to think we are already past “Peak DXCC” – I think 3Y0Z was the sentinel of things to come – that the days of $500K plus DXpeditions is over. I think 2016 and that first quarter was like the fireworks finale – and so I’m thinking being a part of that DXpedition and DXCC history makes VK0EK even more important as far as my silly little radio hobby is concerned.

Hmmmmmmm. I still need to donate to this one – what a great feat they are attempting in a beautiful part of the world.

3 Comments on “Tillamook Lighthouse, NA-211: K7TRI

  1. Good points. This trip is real daring-do!

    I wonder if the comments on the various spotting nets will be as filled with vitriol for this operation as they are right now for T30L. Roughly 12 hours in and the hate is widespread. How many of the booing fans on the sidelines even contributed $5 to YL2GM and crew? If they find ham radio so distasteful, why do they participate?

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      • Very true. Academics and researchers are busy studying this – the latest one I read a summary of discussed how this very thing has affected the politics and elections in recent years. Both here and elsewhere.

        Then again, I *am* on here griping about the gripers, so I guess I’m not any better. It is rather disappointing to see all the complaints continually popping up on the spotting nets, though.

        Full disclosure: I did work T30L this morning, so perhaps I’m biased. Maybe not.


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