First Day of Real Fall Weather

We had real clouds today – not fog – and it was a nice crisp fall day

I did check weather in September, and while September and the first half of October usually is a lot more like Summer, we get these days where we get “teased” that Fall is on its way. Today was such a day, and I am loving it.

We have a gorgeous Gingko tree in our front yard – today I saw the first yellow leaves on it

Our Gingko tree doesn’t hit its peak color until November – and all of its leaves don’t fall until just about December. We may not have the fall colors that some parts have in the US – but what we have lasts until at least Thanksgiving – some until Christmas. I do like the “extended” fall colors – and Lamorinda is a very special part of the SF Bay Area that has some “secret” fall color spots that are pretty awesome, actually. I remember “leaf drop” by mid October in New Jersey, and it was always a bummer – things got really gray and drab soon after that. Snow was actually a good thing – it made for something nice to at least look at.

My “car” for the last year

I’ve been riding my bike for more than 2 years now to get around – and so I am even more aware of the weather and what is going around me in my little part of the world – its something many people aren’t even aware of – being slaves to their cars.

Nearing Harvest Time outside of Baker City, Oregon

Yes, its already Harvest Time – both a literal and metaphoric great time of the year. And this year has been really special – Kat and I reaping the harvest of what we planted earlier and throughout the year.

Well – “DX Season” is nigh – there is plenty of DX to be had – if you know where to harvest it.

2 Comments on “First Day of Real Fall Weather

  1. Felt great out today. Last night I heard the local high school football game off in the distance, and tonight I listened to my alma mater get its teeth kicked out (again), so no doubt that Fall is really here. In two weeks I’ll be hiking in the Scottish highlands and really rolling around in it. No other season even comes close.

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  2. We will soon be hiking in the Rockies in Colorado. We might get lucky and see the first Aspens turn color. We have had a really great summer – pretty cool for the average, and now fall is coming in – good times for sure. Have a Great time in the Grampians

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