FREQ 300 #17 – NA-211 – K7TRI – Tillamook Lighthouse

That was easy – as expected – on 30M no less. T30L and K7TRI – Great evening!

Well, I am sure learning that “Rare DX” is very much relative. NA-211 is very rare – and boy – can you tell why?

Yes – they landed helicopters on that pad you see in front of the lighthouse tower

Well – it was UrbanBeam to UrbanBeam – and I was running 5 watts, so even the next state up can be great DX – who would have thought!

Gee – what’s next? I will look for more T30L and K7TRI bands – just because its extra fun working them QRP


One Comment on “FREQ 300 #17 – NA-211 – K7TRI – Tillamook Lighthouse

  1. This is a tougher “get” than some of the DX you’ve already worked with QRPee. I think the guys on this trip have had their share of challenges. The noise level has been reported to be *very* high (S9+++) and they’ve had problems with RF getting into all sorts of places they don’t want it. One of the fun aspects about portable operation – never mind on a rock far away from everything.

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