My First Patent? (Maybe)

Heathkit TC-3, a tube checker with the “DNA” of elegant design, something I aspire to

One of things Heathkit had was a pretty decent packaging and “user interface”. When I think about most of their gear – it had just what you needed and laid out in a simple and effective way.

I’m going to meet with Patent Lawyers this Thursday – after several demo’s that I have given this summer – several outside consulting law firms basically told my companies management to look into a patent for the system I designed (and built with a small team that I managed). They said they were “blown away” by the system and its design – that no big corporate solution did so much in such a concise way. Patent aside – these are the pre-eminent law firms who are experts in this area – and so even if nothing happens – its the best compliment I’ve ever had regarding my work and the 38 years I’ve been a Data Geek. I’m not kidding – the Heathkit TC-3 Tube Tester was a small but important input to my design and thinking! Pretty damned cool if you ask me . . .

I did not expect this – I was just selling my idea internally – to solve the Data Protection and Compliance problem we are faced with – as are all companies who have to be GDPR and CCPA compliant have to be. I literally had two demo’s – with two outside law forms – and voila! I have to hand it to my management to be so cognizant, supportive and on top of this – I built this with one Summer Intern and one React / JavaScript mentor – who has become a great friend. Its was 100% my design – but I could not have done it by myself. What an amazing team – its an experience I will never forget. We had to build a solution in one quarter, and it had to nail the problem. It was a cost and person-power challenge . . . I HAD to learn Java and JavaScript / React – I couldn’t just ask for a contractor or borrow an employee to do it for me . .

Remember – I code for a living and write blogs for fun – I’m no “slicky boy” salesperson . . .

Sure – there are big solutions for big companies – but they cost a ton and require big teams to implement. My system cuts to the essence of the problem and can get anyone compliant in one quarter – not the 6 months minimum the big boys would get you to – and that’s just getting in the front door. I shave off 6 – 9 months off the process. It really could take up to a year for a big company to get all of the parts installed and inline. There are two CCPA dates – January 1. 2020 – when the law goes into effect, and July 1, 2020 – when fines start.

Smaller companies can’t afford the big expensive packages and more importantly the number of resources (people) required to implement a big commercial package.

This is gold to all of the Data Driven companies who haven’t even started on this track and where its already too late since January 1, 2020 is one quarter away – can you believe it? I know for a fact that many big data driven companies here in Silicon Valley (and worldwide) are just starting to shit bricks – and I have what they need to at least get started – while they plan for a year of projects to go the full distance they need to to basically stay compliant – and ultimately – stay in business.

I’m not exaggerating – this is at least a 100’s of billions dollar market – its a worldwide market and while the EU has a lead in it because of GDPR, CCPA ups the ante significantly for anyone in the world who has data and does business in California. Yeah – its a huge deal.

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