First Major CCPA Hurdle Cleared!

My past year and a half of designing and working on “Data Protection” systems is paying off yuge bigly. I completed annotating ALL database tables that have PII (personal information). I used the Data Discoverer tool that I designed and my small team built this summer – and it has been a pure joy to use and helped make me very productive. In fact, its so good – I am more than 2 weeks ahead of schedule – and the schedule was already crazy aggressive.

The next steps will be to inventory and annotate all file PII data and manage others who will be adding the Business Rules using the Data Discoverer. I also will build a ChartIO dashboard and set of reports and no doubt get pulled into other aspects of becoming 100% CCPA compliant by January 1, 2020.

Other companies whom I have worked for or with – or even interviewed with earlier this year are just barely getting started thinking about this. I couldn’t feel more on top of things than I do right now – and its a great feeling.

In the process I learned React / JavaScript and Functional Programming, Java with Spring Boot / JPA and I have learned all of our database data systems. For only being at LendUp 4 months, that’s a Home Run in my book!

There’s lots of work left to do – but at this point, I am very confident we will clear the rest of the hurdles – and using a tool that I designed an built is just the best feeling. Its like using a piece of Ham gear you built to make Honor Roll.

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