My Patent Story

Someone Elses Patent . . . 

I had a long meeting with some principles of our company and an outside patent lawyer, and found out that what I have designed does have several items that could be patented. These are all things that address the business issue of “Data Protection”, and its a HUGE new market. Google GDPR and CCPA and you will quickly see what I mean.

The one thing I couldn’t figure was why my company would consider a patent for a product that is not part of our core business – and then I learned that patents are very valuable to a company because they increase the worth of a company. That was cool to learn.

There will be a discussion regarding whether or not the CEO and Board is interested, (and I have my doubts) – but I was surprised today, so who knows – I could be surprised in the coming weeks.

What I am most pleased with is that someone thought so highly of what I have designed to even go this far and check. And I learned a lot today and it was fascinating. It already feels like a huge success.

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