ICOM IC-7300: A Revolutionary Radio

What you get for $1000 just can’t be beat – at any level or price point

I had a Yaesu FT-1000D and the Mark V, I had the  Orion and Orion II, I had the Elecraft K3 upgraded to a K3S, and I have the KX-3 and 7300 now. Oh – I had the ICOM IC-7610 too. I do know they are all different and what each does and what each is worth.

Of all of the radios I have had – the IC-7300 far and away at its price point is just astounding. I have been doing lots of A – B tests with the KX-3 – which is AWESOME, and the 7300 keeps up with it and even exceeds it in some situations (more than I had expected). The KX-3 is not far below the K3 or K3S, so by association, the 7300 does compete with a K3.

What is funny is how ICOM has kind created a challenge for themselves as far as pricing their other radios. The IC-7300 is NO “Loss Leader” – its a damned great radio – so many will purchase it and be happy with that and feel no need to “step up”. I wonder sometimes if they have shot themselves in the foot – or maybe, they have opened the door to new lower priced radios that offer performance only seen in much more expensive radios?

I sure hope so.


One Comment on “ICOM IC-7300: A Revolutionary Radio

  1. I’m mostly inactive at the moment but when I do get on the air, I am using a 7300, despite having four other arguably nicer radios at my disposal. What I like best about it is the way it strikes a good balance between simplicity, ergonomics, and performance. Icom seems to have understood that sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is more. And that price tag, wow. With all incentives, I think I paid $900 for it new. I imagine the secondary market for older gear is getting destroyed, except gear that’s old or special enough now to attract nostalgia buyers. Who would pay $700 for a used Yaesu ($2200 new!) when they could get a new 7300 for a couple hundred more?

    I still have my doubts whether the legacy manufacturers will all weather this storm. SDR requires a really different set of skills to put together than the old superhets did. Flex (I think) was the first mass-market ham radio SDR, but I think we’ll look back at the 7300 as the real inflection point.

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