A September to Remember . . .

I can’t remember a better August – what a Harvest

The month started by delivering a product at work that will get LendUp to CCPA Complince and much, much more. Not only did we deliver this awesome app – but the company is still considering filing for a patent, which even though I doubt that will happen – its the best work related compliment I have ever had in my 38 year career. Yeah – the app is that good – and I have been blogging about it as it unfolded this summer. I was blessed to have a killer team. We three tore it up this summer.

The bold colors of Autumn are just about here!

I used the app to annotate ALL of the database tables at LendUp, and loved using the tool and am now about a month ahead of schedule. The job was much more fun – and not nearly as tedious as I had expected – so the app that we built is the real deal and passes muster. The greatest part about all of if this is that it then afforded Kat and I a great vacation that we even extended to 10 days.

Compared to a year ago where things at Credit Karma fell into a nightmarish hell, this year seems to be the validation and vindication that I never expected, but am so thankful for. The lesson here is that life is never predictable, and that your have to grit your teeth sometimes – but most importantly, you need to take some time to reap the harvest and never take anything for granted.

If you work hard (and smart), the road might not be as straight and devoid of hills, lumps and bumps, but eventually you will find your way and reap the rewards of your hard labor.

I’m basking in the glow of that now – and am gearing up for October. Bring on the Fall Colors I say!

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