Autumn Chill

October 2 in the Bay Area – its getting chilly!

Up at Lake Tahoe its in the 20’s already, and we are now in the 40’s at night – with some pockets of 30’s in the Bay Area. That’s a bit early – and a big change since just last week we had a couple days in the 90’s and evenings were warm and full of crickets chirping away. That chirp has turned completely off.

The Jetstream seems to be the reason for the cooler than usual weather pattern

The snow that hit Montana last weekend seemed to be caused by a double whammy – a storm descending from the north combined with a Jetstream that swooped down into the Bay Area and then back up into Nevada, Idaho and parts of Oregon, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and even Colorado. This is especially interesting since our recent trip followed the path of where the jetstream seems to be flowing. Guess we were in Colorado during its very last warm weather week.

In the Bay Area – this has made for absolutely clear blue skies and daily temperatures about 70 degrees – which has been perfect for cycling. Come to think about it – this entire year has been cooler than normal – we only hit 100 degrees once here in Orinda – we usually have about 3 weeks worth of 100 degree plus temperatures. We also usually get “Diablo Winds” – which have caused fires such as the Oakland Firestorm way back in 1991 – and the Paradise Fire last year. Fingers crossed that we have a strong Jetstream instead – the smoke last year was awful and it lasted many weeks. This year, many locals have cleared out their underbrush and chopped down many, many old crummy trees – especially those awful Monterrey Pines – which never should have been planted in this area.

I’ve been the leader on the gym leader board for three months now – July, August and September, so that is great, work is great – I am annotating all of our database tables and views using the Data Discoverer tool that I built with my small team this summer – and its a GREAT app – I love using it. LendUp will be ready for CCPA – all this while other Bay Area companies are panicking. Mark Zuckerberg certainly doesn’t like regulation – but his company is one of the main reasons for CCPA – as is all of the many companies that have your personal database leaked and compromised.

Radio has been a bust here lately – just way too much noise – I’m guessing its man made as well as atmospheric – as one coronal hole after another has been hitting us. No problem – I will switch to photography for a while – so the blog will reflect that. I think we will start seeing some improvement this winter – but if what I have is man made noise (I’ll have to walk around with an AM radio in the neighborhood soon), then maybe my hamming days will become limited here.

OK – onward with the things I CAN do – not the things I can’t do . . . .

Oh yeah – that spy radio – and OH – fixing that slug rack band in the KWS-1. Guess I have more projects than time these days.

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