Photography Redux

The Panasonic Lumix GX85 Kit

After having a blast in Colorado and getting back into my old photographic hobby, I decided to upgrade to a newer camera – since my old cameras were pre touch screen and all that jazz that goes with the new feature set.

I was intent on getting a Lumix LX100ii, but reports of dust issues were rampant, and so I opted for a removable lens point and shoot. Its 3 years old, but the feature list is amazing – and better yet – it comes with two decent Leica designed lenses – but all of this gear in made in China. Hence a killer price ($597) – and this is new – not used.

There were many reviews and they were all good – and its short comings are none of the things I even care about. The price was half of when it was new in 2016. I already love this camera – the touch screen really is like a whole new world – I learned the Zone System many years ago – and have always used a spot meter – a 2 degree hand held Pentax back in the day – and when digital cameras were viable (starting with 2 MP – heh heh – I started using in camera spot meters where you hold the shutter control down half way once you decide on where you want to both focus and set the lighting.

Ansel Adams would approve!

With the GX85 touch screen and its controls – I have way more control over light and focus than I had expected. Its similar to the ICOM IC-7300 – at first I thought a touch screen was a gimmick – then you start being able to do more and faster, so now I am loving the touch screen – its more than a gimmick.

Lumix (Leica designed) 20mm F1.7 “pancake” lens

I also ordered a 20MM 1.7 Lumix Prime lens – also a Leica design, and expect to use that lens as my “everyday” lens. It also was priced in the “no way” category (under $300).

I have a Sony A6000 – and still love it – and even an old Lumix LX-5 from way back in 2011 – and still love it. I carry the LX-5 in my bag wherever I go – its way more fun than the camera on my Moto Droid phone. While smart phones do have nice cameras – I still like the ergonomics and options of a regular hand held camera.

I only shoot for my blog – I don’t print anymore – so MP and even sensor size doesn’t matter much. I want to get back into street photography, and hope to share some photos in my blog soon with the GX85.

Its a good thing to have another hobby at the bottom of the sunspot cycle!

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