FREQ 300 #19: Tokelau – ZK3A

ZK3A was very easy on 17M – I even heard them on 12 and 15M today

I guess with just one sunspot group, the higher bands opened nicely. Combine this with Tokelau only being about 4500 miles away and an all salt water path – and it was a nice day for DXing. I had been away for 10 days, so my last “new one” QRP wise was about a month ago. That’s just fine – I like the zero pressure pursuit that I am now engaged in. I’ve already done the “Big Deal” Honor Roll and 8BDXCC thing – so its nice to be a very “Casual DXer” these days.

I do still get a kick out of DXpeditions and hearing the “clamor” of those who need such and such entity for an ATNO – I hope they are having as much fun as I used to in that regard.

I almost gave the bands up for dead tonight – at 7 PM all of a sudden – every band was wiped out. I am sure it was man made noise. My QSO on 17M was nice a and quiet – his signal was strong and the KX-3 can be eerily quiet sometimes – with signals just popping up out of the din.

[UPDATE – 0418z – just worked them on 30M – also easily]

[UPDATE – 0923 – just worked them on 40M – they are 20 over S9, but because they aren’t much farther than Hawaii, this is normal – but with QRP its special]


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