Bike Commuter

My REI Co-op ADV 3.1 Bike Outfitted for Commuting to Work

I haven’t owned a car for 2 years and 3 months. I don’t miss it one bit, and have been riding my bike to work (well, to BART which takes me to work). My work is always right along a BART line – it used to be in San Francisco, but is now only 3 BART stops away in Oakland – and is sooooo much nicer than commuting into SF.

The Portland Design Works Takeout Basket

I just added a front basket that attaches to the handlebars. I had to do this because I lock my bike in a bike locker at BART, and the back panniers that I have just don’t squeeze into the locker very easily. This metal basket came with a weatherproof roll top bag, and it can carry various and sundry items – I just won’t put anything too heavy in it – mainly because its attached to the handlebars, and because I don’t want the steering to be swayed too much. I will be attaching my Night Rider halogen night light to my helmet – which is a much better location than the handle bars – where it used to be attached.

The Topeak rack bag with built in panniers

I have had the Topeak bike bag for years. It has a great top loading cargo area and two panniers that you can unzip on each side. I can use the panniers – but only when the bike is not in my BART Bike Locker. For that, I have to zip them up.

The down tube bag with smart phone carrier and protector

For the gym and my exercise, I use the Myzone Cardio Belt. There is a nice app for my Droid – and the display is great while cycling. It tells me at what level my physical exertion is – and has different “zones” – for example, at a heart rate of 120 beats per minute (BPM) I am getting a much better workout than at say 90 or 100 BPM. I do interval training – some weight lifting followed by cardio. I have lost 17 pounds this year and need to lose another 20 to get back to where I want to be. All that sitting in front of the radio chasing DXCC Honor Roll really packed the pounds on – so now I am paying the piper before my health is negatively affected.

I also just got a new bike pump that attaches at the water bottle stays – so now I can get my bike in the bike locker without tearing the fold down panniers – as I started to do. Everything has its purpose and function.

Panasonic (Leica designed) F1.7 20MM lens

By the way, I used my new old stock Lumix GX85 camera and this fantastic lens – for the first time on this blog post. Wow – I see how selective and sharp the focus is – for blogging this is a perfect combination. I like the “bokeh” and out of focus background as compared to the very sharply focused area of interest – that really works well to help illustrate my points in my blog posts. Since I only share photos in my blog – and no longer print them, the 16 MP 4/3rds sensor is plenty enough. I will take the Sony A6000 next and compare. I have an F1.8 35MM lens attached to it.

The awesome Panasonic Lumix GX85 camera – an oldie but a goodie

The GX85 was on a “discontinued sale” at only $597 and it came with two decent Panasonic – Leica lenses. Even the Chinese made Lumix line of Leica lenses are pretty fantastic, and without the ridiculously expensive Leica “badge” on them, they are a steal of a deal – very well made and yes, the Leica quality shines through (bad pun intended).

I did purchase these “Megagear” neoprene “booties” that the cameras go in. This way, when I put the camera in my messenger bag, they won’t get scratched, dinged of otherwise damaged.

MegaGear Camera Bootie

One of the things that is really important for bike commuting is a bag that I can put on and ride – put my bike in the bike locker and walk onto the BART train. My wife had purchased a Sherpani sling bag and turns out – it was too big for her – but fit me perfectly. Not only that – its one of my favorite colors and has the right pockets to hold a book, camera and ham radio hand held with long antenna

Sherpani Esprit sling bag – made for a woman but strong enough for a manly man

Its great to add just a few things to my bike after more than 2 years of riding it to work. This is by far my favorite bike and setup for bike commuting. I also love the GX85 and F1.7 20MM prime lens. I will be carrying it daily to and from work to catch those fleeting moments in life that are usually overlooked as we scurry to and from in our busy lives.


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  1. Nice bike setup. I’m in San Jose and I commute by bike (20 miles) once a week and love it! I also have an REI co-op bike and I’m very happy with it.

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