Port Brewing Hop-15

One of the Two Best IPA’s I have ever had

This is the first double IPA that I tried not too far after it was introduced in the early 2000’s. Correction – it’s really a Triple IPA. I think Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Lagunitas Hop Stoopid and Pliny The Elder were my first true Double IPAs. All three are really excellent.

There is only one very close Triple IPA, and it also is World Class – Knee Deep Simtra. If you want to confirm that Hops and Marijuana are both in the Lupulin family, try Simtra. Simtra is the “Dank King” and Hop-15 wins for its more fruity flavor – especially mango and other tropical fruits.

A few years ago, Kat and I visited Port Brewing in San Marcos, and it’s a brand that also has Lost Abbey – which is their more “Belgian Style” beer. Its a classic West Coast IPA born and bred in the San Diego area. It has mango and other fruit flavor, a little less pine than I remember from their first batches, and a nice Hop “spice” on the finish. This beer is only brewed twice a year, so I might be favoring it right now over Simtra because it’s more rare. This batch is a little sweeter and less bitter than I remember it being before. Guess I’ll have to try a Simtra again – I’ve been drinking much lower ABV beers for many months now as I continue to work hard losing weight. So – these beers are very special occasions for me – a couple times a year, basically.

Happy October – I found these by accident on my bike ride today and wow, the weather was the epitome of perfect cycling weather, and the Fall colors are in progress big time.

What a great day!

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