Fall Cycling Spooktacular

A skeleton hangs from a tree along the Lafayette – Moraga bike trail

The weather for cycling is pretty much as good as it gets – which is October and November each year. Luckily, we can ride all year round – there really is no time when we are shut out. But there is just something extra special about October and November. We did our “default” ride that we call “The Bench and Back” – its from Orinda through Moraga to Lafayette and then back again – only about 16 miles, but a really gorgeous little ride. Good exercise and scenes that are quite unique in the SF Bay Area – hard to beat being only 10 miles from Oakland and 20 miles from San Francisco. It does remind me of where I grew up in the Appalachians on the NJ – PA – NY border(s).

My favorite guitar colors – “Tobacco Sunburst” – here with local leaves that have turned copper, orange and brown

I am listening to a fabulous Sunday afternoon show on KPIG – with my favorite DJ “Kianna” – as I write this blog. She plays “Modern Americana”, and I get my new music from this show – I’ve been listening to Steve Gunn’s album “The Seen in Between” for weeks now – and I heard it first on Kianna’s Sunday Afternoon show. I love spending my late Sunday afternoon’s this way – before I start the work week.

The brilliant October sky with some swamp maples showing their last trick before they go to sleep for the Winter

Yeah – I am a sucker for Autumn Colors – my friend Mike from Tennessee knows exactly what I am talking about – SF Bay Area transplants from the East Coast seeking out Fall Colors – we are a kindred lot. I’ve actually lived in California twice as long as I did on the East Coast – but there is that “pull” this time of the year.

After my last year in the East (Rochester, NY in 1981), I’ll take the SF Bay Area weather any day. Luckily – right here in “Lamorinda” – we have enough Fall colors to get my fix.

There is nothing “spooky” about this weather – its heavenly . . .

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