ZK3A on 80M – QRP (5 Watts)

The QRPers Scratchpad is full of hope . . . 

I keep a scratchpad and write down stations that I want to work with 5 watts. Each and every QRP “counter” – regardless of your pursuit – is a big victory. This means you can work the next state over – or heck – county – and feel like you just “won”. This is a very different proposition than when you are say, chasing DXCC Honor Roll with QRO. With QRO – you paid for much more expensive gear, so you feel obligated to work everything that you hear. With QRP – you think just the opposite.

My logbook is an old Erie Lackawanna Train Log – there was a branch line that used to go to Newton, NJ way back in the early 60’s

The thinking and approach is so much different between 5 and 1500 watts. I am so glad that I did the QRO thing – and got that out of my system. Having to constantly try to keep my station up with the latest and greatest gear was expensive, and I don’t know if making DXCC Honor Roll was worth all of that money. The experience was priceless I suppose, and it was a way of life for 11 years and then for another 5 years trying to get to #1 Honor Roll, but I have been stuck at 2 left to go now for the last 3 years. You get to the point where you just don’t care any more.

I worked ZK3A with one call this morning – 5 watts to a Diamond 85′ inverted vee up 50′

However – even trying to make 300 QRP QSO’s is a challenge that will keep me busy and happy for years to come, and because I have finally reached antenna nirvana at this house – an UrbanBeam up 55′ (that could still go up to 65′ some day), plus a 40/80M Diamond inverted vee, and I am fully set from 80 – 10M with just two antennas. That and my KX-3 are all I need.

When the KX-4 comes out – then I will be in the market again – but for now I am set.

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