The Paraset QRP Radio

Paraset “Spy Radio” – Photo by Elliot – N6PF

The Paraset radio’s were used during WWII by The Resistance in discreet locations around Europe – especially in France. They were small and as portable as you could get. The antenna used was usally an end fed wire that was easily thrown into a tree or other support.

I found a nice video about building your own Paraset, by Graham, G4VUX (SK):

I agree with Graham’s mention at the end that a solid state version would be a lot better – as much as I love tubes, the high voltage power required for a tube version is not something I want to do.

QRP Guys sells a 40M Solid State Paraset Kit:

Photo from web site

Schematic from web site

This $40 kit is pretty much perfect for my needs. The antenna tuner is an additional $30.

Wheatstone Bridge – laying in my basement

I have this Wheatstone Bridge paying in my basement, and will use the box and several parts – binding posts, knobs, meter, etc for the rig. I will find someone who I can order a powder coated chassis plate that will fit into the wooden box. Maybe I can even find some pre-painted black anodized aluminum – which would be very easy to drill and cut myself. Heck – by combining the controls from the rig and this tuner:

I would add the EFHW Sota tuner and incorporate the cool Wheatstone bridge’s meter for (hopefully) receive. The combination of controls from the rig and the tuner means I might just be able to completely re-use the black metal plate that is already fitted to the Wheatstone Bridge.

OK – my goal now is to have this built before Thanksgiving – when I will be able to use it in the field.

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