The KY6R Para40Set

This is the Wheatstone Bridge that I will mount a QRPGuys Paraset40 QRP rig in

Steve Weber, KD1JV designed a great regenerative solid state “Paraset” spy radio kit, and it sells for only $40 on their web site:

I also purchased an end fed wire antenna tuner, because both of these units will fit inside the Wheatstone Bridge box. I will run the rig from several “D” batteries – also inside the rig.

If I can get the meter to be an S Meter this will be the coolest sky radio I can build!

I have asked if maybe Steve or one of the engineers who designs kits for QRPGuys could work up a mod where I can use the Wheatstone bridges meter as an S Meter. That would be too cool . . . . If it could only be used for power out – that would be OK, but not as cool as an S Meter.

What is so cool about this kit is that it does stay true to the original tube version in that it is a regenerative receiver (i.e. SW-3), but solid state. Because it has two crystals for use on 2 frequencies, I’ll bypass the digital display – or at worst not expose it above the original face plate.

The Wheatstone bridge has all of the right controls for the rig and tuner, and I believe I can turn one of those spst switches into a Morse code key – so it will be self contained and battery operated and use the same antenna the original Paraset used – basically and End Fed Zepp that uses a counterpoise.

I purchased the Wheatstone bridge for $70 shipped, so the whole shebang will end up being under $150, which I think is a great deal.


One Comment on “The KY6R Para40Set

  1. This seems to be a great idea Rich, looking forward to your efforts building it. Thanks also for the call/name of the QRPguys designer. I have a problem with one of their kits and so far I’m waiting for a answer…I think I try to mail Steve for this again. May be my mail ends up in their spam box?? 73, Bas

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