Indian Summer in Northern California

The stunning autumn colors and weather in is full force in Northern California

It was quite the week – but we woke to just a stunning day here near San Francisco. The air is clear, the skies are blue, the sun is warm but with that fantastic coolness in the air that makes the combination “luscious”.

Under the “big top” at Orchard Nursery in Lafayette, California

After a day of great exercise riding our bikes – we stopped in at Orchard Nursery in Lafayette – a “must see” place at Halloween time.

Classic Fall scene

We bought a Nyssum Salvatica tree – or Tupelo – which makes this our third in our front yard.

The theme at Orchard was a sort of “spooky circus”, and it was really great fun

The Apple Harvest is in . . .

Cool cats ready for Trick or Treating . . . 

They had a golf game with pumpkin pie – very funny . . . 

The leaves steal the show . . . 

Ahhhh – tobacco sunburst – the color of that mandolin that just might end up in my hands . . . 

Yes, I even have decorated my bike with this cool pumpkin skull blinky light ornament . . . 

This guy really cracked me up

Special effects!

Our solar charged Halloween lights that actually helped us a lot during the Blackout

A summer “whirlygig” gets its last sun and shadows . . . 

The seasons have changed now – and there is no looking back. While we get that PITA “Diablo Winds” weather for a week or so in October, they pass and then we have a solid month or two of heaven. I’m hoping we are past the “changing winds” and marching towards Winter. I look forward to our rainy season – but for now – I’m really enjoying this “Indian Summer”.

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