Solar QRP Station at KY6R

20W solar panel with PWM charge controller and 12v 7 ah battery

One of the good parts of the blackout this week was that it finally got me to get on the stick with solar powered Ham Radio. With the KX-3, I can easily switch to a solar charged battery and get my station “off the grid”. Well – at least the radio, anyway.

These items were purchased on Amazon:

Its great – I can see what the solar panel is putting out, and the charge-controller ensures that the battery is charged correctly, and of you add a load it regulates that as well. Today I set it up just to see what was happening at each device, and I used my Fluke DVM as a load – to see how the Charge – Controller read out jived with the DVM.

I just have to create a power wire that goes from the battery to my Anderson Powerpole DC distribution panel.


One Comment on “Solar QRP Station at KY6R

  1. About six months ago I installed a 150 watt array out on the garage roof, and it keeps all my electronics (laptop, phone, TV, lights) charged and running. 150 watts doesn’t sound like much but over the course of 8 good daylight hours per day, that’s a lot of juice, and in our sunny environment my main battery seems to stay charged no matter what I have plugged in.

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