Mother Nature Bats Last

Will rain soon be on its way to the West Coast? This system is falling apart – but does look like a seasonal change is in the works

After our recent “Diablo Winds”, most people are looking forward to the return of the rainy season. We have no rain from about the second half of May until October – where we usually get one storm, then it goes back to dry until about Thanksgiving time. We also hardly ever get lightning – something most Hams have to worry about.

Last year we received more rain than usual, and the aquifers around my area filled so much that the creeks did not get as dry as they usually do – several have been flowing with more water than usual at this time of the year. Its always really hard to tell what kind of year we will have rain wise until the first few storms in December happen. If they are big – that usually sets the stage.

Unrelated to weather – last night we had a 4.5 Earthquake – it shook the house in a sharp bang and just a few things fell off a bookshelf. The epicenter was about 10 miles from my QTH. It was strong enough to wake me up. It rolled through very fast – like a freight train that is right next to a house.

Besides the “Trump Daily Horror Show”, its a slow news day here in Orinda.

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