At The Bus Stop

The scene at my bus stop on the way home

Orinda is an “oasis” of sorts – tucked in the hills and where a sea of houses cannot be built. There are big cities just over a set of hills to the West of me (Oakland and then San Francisco), and then there is Walnut Creek to the East of me – a very nice town – and much bigger than Orinda or Lafayette.

We did in fact get clouds today – and it really looked and felt like a Fall day

The clouds made for a very “dreamy” light at the end of the day. Colors and outlines of trees and other plants came alive – usually they are shrouded in a dark shadow when it is very sunny out, and so as I got off the bus today (my bike was in the shop getting a tune up), I was very glad that I decided to bring my camera with me today.

Elm trees right at the bus stop

Since our Colorado trip – I have rekindled my love of photography, and wow – the Lumix GX-85 with a Prime 20mm lens is a stunning camera. I opted for the 16 mp 4/3rds senor because the camera came with Leica designed lenses for half what the camera went a few years back when it was new. It was basically a sort of liquidation price.

Fall colors on my trees in the front yard

The “bokeh” from the 1.7 20mm lens is stunning. This isn’t the best example, but I’ll continue to post some really out of this world examples. It actually blows me away – and reminds me that sensor size of megapixels are fine – but the lens is where its at.

The real story here isn’t the gear as much as just carrying a camera with me today was a great thing – the clouds created a light that I could not have experienced if I were in a car commuting to work. In fact, this means I can have little photographic adventures any day that I carry my camera with me.

The earth doesn’t stand still – keep your eyes open.

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