Dada, With a Side Order of Surrealism

I prefer the “surreal” image of a trees leafs turning colors to things that “man” does

Whenever I see the carnage that the current administration is doing – wrecking our democracy and leaving our allies to die horrible deaths, I take solace in nature. While man seems hell bent to destroy man, nature is there, quietly waiting in the background, and will take over once man rids himself of this mortal coil. Plants have taken over Chernobyl – there is a perfect example.

Some things in nature are so incredibly beautiful that they can stun you – make you feel like you are in a dream

This is a work of art – a pile of leaves in my driveway

“Driveway Masterpiece” – maybe a good album name?

So, while the news is so outrageously bad it doesn’t seem normal – I had the most peaceful bike ride commute to work today. If you take man out of the equation, the world will be alright.


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