FREQ #20: 5K0K – San Andreas

San Andreas is regularly activated, it is a Colombian Possession in the Carribean

Being QRP, San Andreas is “good DX”. But like Pitcairn (VP6R) – the pileups are way bigger than normal since we are at sunspot minimum. My QRP strategy has been – and will be – to let all the big guns get their QSO, and then I call late in the game – when the DX is begging. That works like a charm.

UrbanBeam at sunset

Today’s QSO was on 17M – which is a nice surprise given where we are in the sunspot cycle. I did hear some DX on 12M – so the UrbanBeam does a pretty good job – I do think its a great “compromise” antenna – in fact – I think its better than a compromise.

What would be great though would be to kick some butt on 40M with 5 watts. I really do think I can do this – and so I am hoping I can swing the change to a 2 element 40M yagi.

OK – next up is Pitcairn – VP6R – its good DX QRP wise, otherwise its plain vanilla DX.

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