Tree Planting Time

Japanese “Waterfall” Maple (Acer palmatum var. dissectum)

On Friday, I carried my camera with me to and from work, and took pictures of changing colors along the way to work, and after work I stopped into our neighborhood nursery, McDonnells. They have a fall sale, 25% off all plants and shrubs, and I looked at pretty much every tree they had left in stock. I took some pictures and went home. When I woke up yesterday, I decided that I’d go and get this tree – it really is a beauty.

Whirlygig at McDonnells Nursery and Garden Store

I also planted a 15′ Nyssa Salvatica tree (also known as Black Gum or Tupelo) in the backyard. It is also a beauty and we purchased it last weekend at another great local garden store – Orchard in Lafayette.

My reward for a day of hard work

It was hard work digging the holes – the soil is very dry right now, but the work was well worth it. I will take some photo’s later today – both trees fit in their new home like champs, and look great. They really do define the landscape, and I prefer trees to other plants for landscaping – or let the trees define the space and then very sparsely fill in areas with other small shrubs. I’ve learned to stay away from “clutter” – the quickest way to make a landscape look crummy is to over plant.

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