FREQ 300 #21: VP6R – Pitcairn Island

VP6R – Pitcairn Island – easy one call on 20 and 30M

Pitcairn Island is about twice as far as Hawaii, but its very much “garden variety” from the West Coast. With QRO I have it on 160 – 10M, meaning everywhere I have ever pursued with the DXCC program. SO, its not exciting from a QRO perspective.

HOWEVER, this being the bottom of the cycle and with a great team there and great ops – its fun from a QRP point of view. It also validates my assumption that going QRP could be what keeps me in the DXing game – and that is 100% for sure.

Looking at the upcoming DXpedition list, there are several DXpeditions coming up that I might be able to work – so I think the QRP train will keep rolling. I will watch the IOTA activity for sure – I enjoyed the two IOTA DXpeditions that I worked – Sledge Island off the Alaskan coast, and K7TRI off the Oregon Coast.

I like the combined DXCC and IOTA list thing that I have going – the combo is way more interesting than I had originally expected, and it does keep the interest in this hobby.

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