“Rare DX” is a Relative Thing (K7TRI QSL Card!)

My first FREQ 300 QSL Card – K7TRI – Tillamook Rock – NA-211

NA-211 is rated #28 on the IOTA list – and wanted by over 90% of all IOTA chasers. Since the last time it was activated, in many ways, it is just as rare as many DXCC Southern Oceans entities. There are many more IOTA entities than DXCC entities, so relatively speaking – this IOTA “counter” is very rare. In fact, it seems like relatively speaking – its as rare as say Navassa or Heard Island in DXCC terms.

For me, this was a really exciting DXpedition – even though it was only one state away. Besides just loving Oregon, it was the perfect summer QRP DX to chase. I did give a donation – these guys had to work very hard and it was a risky place to go – much more risky than Navassa – which got tons of hype.

The operators were world class and did a great job – and I rank this (close by) DX as one of my all time favorites now. This is something I did not anticipate.

Its time for me to purchase and start my FREQ 300 QSL binder!


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