KY6R is Now Solar Powered!

I have everything wired up now – 5 watts QRP being charged with this arrangement

Wow – I did not expect to feel this great about going solar. I just made another band – mode QSO with VP6R, and while Pitcairn is no big deal distance wise – it is still respectable and decent DX. In fact, ANY DX made with 5 watts QRP and a solar powered station is the reward itself.

The KX-3 has a great couple of displays that are all one quick button push away – the Menu button and the second small tuning knob. I can watch the voltage and current in receive and transmit. Just for reference, the battery with full charge has these KX-3 stats:

12.3 volts

Receive current – 0.189 amps

Transmit current – 1.65 amps

I have the battery plugged into a PowerPole RigRunner 4005 and fused at 5 amps.

Now I am very curious how many days at “normal use” the battery will last. Since it is 7 aH – I expect that it will last quite a while since I mostly listen and only call DX occasionally. I don’t sit in pileups for many hours like I did with QRO and an amp – since that was a “brute force” game. I have learned that with QRP – they either hear you or they don’t – and if the pileups are massive I simply wait a couple of days until they are begging.

I’ve entered my “no stress” years of DXing – all of the fun, and none of the grief.


2 Comments on “KY6R is Now Solar Powered!

  1. Solarpowered is one of the things I want to do in the future. I had my autotuner solarpowered for years but for now I use a battery and a charger that charges only 4 hours a day. The problem is that there is not enough sunshine in winter here to fully charge the battery and it slowly empties. I have to invest in a few more panels I guess. 73, Bas

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  2. Congratulations ++1 Like ! At my old house I ran 100% solar for several years running a 100 watt rig. I used two marine batteries for storage. It worked well with my operating patterns and I was never without electrons.

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