Winds of Change

The antenna had to be cranked down today

We finally have received the windstorm that PG&E has been worrying about. I had to crank the tower down, the power is out, but with all of the solar charged gizmos we have (lights, phones, battery for KX-3 and Bluetooth speaker) we are in great shape. Cell service is fine, water is running and gas is on. We were well prepared in case the water and gas were turned off.

This windstorm is a lot cooler than the normal end of summer “firestorm” wind. It’s also late in the game. I’ll go out on a limb and predict the weather pattern will change after this storm.

There is a fire in Lafayette, the next town over, and spreading fast. My son (who lives near that fire) just told me that they are OK – and they have the “all clear” – so that is great news.  I just heard we might get another one of these “zephyrs” on Tuesday. Oh well – some people have tornadoes and hurricanes – we have earthquakes and windstorms . . . .

Speaking of “chaos” . . . .

I’ve been also thinking about how people like myself, “The New Silent Majority” might finally have had enough with corruption and greed in this country. Another wind about to turn into a zephyr . . .

I’ll go out on another limb and predict the winds of change are about to blow.

One Comment on “Winds of Change

  1. I just got home to Palo Alto from a weekend hiking in the Sierras. There’s a fire burning somewhere nearby. The place smells like smoke and everything has a weird dark cast to it. I am not sure where the fire exactly but I saw it from the highway off in the hills somewhere. This is nuts.


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