A Different Year

October Has Been “Interesting”

October has always been my favorite month, but last year and this year it has been “trying”.

Last year, the 4th Quarter was a disaster. This year is a completely different story. It’s been a story of Pain Followed by Gain.

This year, we’ve had the power shut offs, which are a royal pain in the ass, but are miniscule compared to last years problems.

A year ago, we had endured a summer of ripped up road and then the Paradise fire – which caused thick smoke that made it look like the Apocalypse. Then, the worst came, an overly politicized situation at Credit Karma which eventually ended in me leaving the company. Credit Karma was heaven the first year and Hell the next.

Luckily, almost a miracle, the exact thing that got political at Credit Karma thrust me into a new career path that will keep me super busy until I retire in 5 – 10 years.

CCPA and GDPR are regulations that force you to manage and protect your data. They came about after so many data breaches affected so many million.

These are a pain in the ass for all data driven companies, but there is a huge silver lining. Once you become compliant, you will have cleaned up all unnecessary data, and saved millions in the process. Your data will be of much higher quality, and that means you will make better business decisions.

The great news for me is that my 20 years as an Oracle DBA – from 1984 – 2004 were by far my most “formative”. I went on from there to become a Data Architect, but I’m still a DBA at heart. This means Data Governance and Protection are in my blood.

I am wrapping up the most challenging part of managing and protecting our companies data, and now several people from other companies are asking me for advice, including Credit Karma.

Its been an interesting year, and I guess I feel like the proverbial Phoenix who has risen from the Career Ashes.

The best part is that I am enjoying my work more than ever and know I am an industry expert in an area that is about to explode.

This leaves me excited for the future, and fully confident and ready to meet the upcoming challenges.

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