Día de Muertos

Dios de la Muerte (Dios de Muerte) is another very interesting Holiday that falls on October 31 / November 1 and 2. Like Halloween, it has its pre-Christian origins that later would be syncretized with the Christian All Souls / All Saints day. Its Mexican origins were mostly Southern Mexico, so like the Celtic tradition, it was regional.

Its most interesting to me that cultures going way back had similar traditions that occurred on the same time. Its also very interesting how the Christian calendar “subsumed” many Pagan traditions and basically re-interpreted them.

Almost on cue – this past week the weather changed from warm to cool. The days have also grown quite short as far as daylight is concerned, and I find myself wondering where the year went.

We never know what the winter rainy season will bring – and its too early to tell, but it does feel like we will get less than average rain – as the Old Farmers Almanac suggests. While Kat and I were in Colorado, we did get some rain in September – .28″ here in Orinda. We usually get one decent rain in October, but that did not happen. I remember years when we ended up making up less than usual rain in March – but we usually do get most of our rain in December and January going into February.

We shall see – but I do think it will be drier and colder than usual.

The combination of the recent winds, cool air and less daylight all do give one pause and the traditions that have November 1 as the New Year day (Celtic Halloween and the Jewish Rosh Hashanah that coincides with the Autumnal Equinox) do make some sense – it really does feel like there is a change taking place – and there is a feeling of finality with the Autumn Harvest.

I’ll have to read up on why January 1 is our New Years Day – and why – it does seem a bit strange – but the Gregorian and Julian Calendars align this way as do the Christian Holidays.

New Years Day does occur at different times of the year on other non-Julian and Gregorian calendars, but this year I am digging the vibe right here and now – between the Autumnal Equinox and Dios de Muerte – and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas more for their symbolism than anything.

January 1 this year will be a tad bit more “special” since I have been helping several companies over the past year prepare for CCPA – so in my work world – which consumes most of my waking hours during the week – that’s been the theme for over a year for me now.

January 1, 2020 will most definitely start off with a fireworks bang, that is for sure. Of course, feelings of “Where did this year go?” are also entering my mind.

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