The National SW-3 Gets a Band Change!

Halloween is the “Gateway” to the end of year Holiday Festivities

Last year I thoroughly enjoyed the Holiday Season – in spite of some crap that was going on at work. The lesson is well remembered and received this year – since I am at the top of the mark work wise. What I have done and accomplished this year is the best work that I have done in my career – and that is the reward itself. I have NEVER had a company so behind my work as I do have at LendUp.

Like the Bouvet “attempts”, we can never rest on our Laurels . . .

Time flies when you are having fun – and I do know that while a whole new industry is about to take off like “Big Data” itself took off over the last 10 years, 2020 will prove to shake out what this means.

One thing that is also changing is my “beloved” National SW-3. Unfortunately, my favorite AM radio station – KPIG seems like it is now off the air. What I don’t understand is why they haven’t even mentioned it had come back on the air – and now its off again. Their web site hasn’t changed much for many years – but their online streaming service has proven to be excellent. I love their Sunday afternoon show with Kiana – its where I have been learning about new music these days. She plays music that other DJ’s play at KPIG – but her sequencing is pretty special.

SO – its time for an SW-3 coil change. I have 80 and 40M coils – and think 40M would be more interesting than 80M – only because there will be both CW and SSB worth listening to. 75 and 80M have a lot to be desired – although 75M jibber – jabber can sometimes be interesting.

That is a list of coils – and my 40M coils are in good shape – but I need to do some repair to the 80M coils. The fellow I purchased them from said I need to re-wind the “tickler” part of the coils. He did give me the right wire – so that could be a fun little project.

I think I will put the 40M coils in and see what I pick up – I still love the crazy way a regenerative receiver works – and I know that the SW-3 – first sold in 1931 is still a classic after all these years.

OH – and this weekend I will get the AB-577 and UrbanBeam up to 65′ – finally. That last set of wind storms has given me the confidence to go full bore on the height for the antenna. Stay tuned – more to report on both the SW-3 and the AB-577. I also have to write about the Begali Adventure Mono – it really is a special little key.

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