Sixty Three Feet!

The UrbanBeam will (finally) go up to 63′ from its current height of 52.5′

The AB-577 mast sections are 5′ 3″ each. I have 12 – and am only using 10 at the moment, so, after last weekends very strong winds, I have full confidence that its time to add in the last 2 sections.

I made Honor Roll New Years Eve 2012 – 2013 by working Monk Apollo – SV2ASP/A. I used a dipole up almost 70′ on 40M

Of course, I will always remember Monk Apollo – I don’t care what the DXCC List “minions” say of toil over the list. I do agree that it was a silly entity – like a handful of others, but I was told to just go with it – so I did.

Getting my antenna up higher does remind me of working my last DXCC entity towards Honor Roll

I no longer care about DXCC #1 – and am having a hard time deciding to donate another $250 to 3Y0I. But I do know that getting the antenna up to where I had that dipole up for SV2ASP/A will be fun – never mind the award.

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