Thoughts and Prayers

Our Chinese Pistachio tree has its last leaves in its fading glory . . . 

October turned out to be a strange month for the second year in a row. Just as I thought we were “home free”, a tragedy struck Orinda – where someone rented an Airbnb house in the neighborhood next to mine – and 5 young party goers were shot and killed. More senseless gun violence, and it will come and go as all of the other massacres have come and gone (“thoughts and prayers“) – welcome to America!

God Bless America – she needs it

We have a President who brags that he can shoot someone and get away with it and wouldn’t lose one supporter. That is true too – and this is what we have become.

Thoughts and prayers . . . 


4 Comments on “Thoughts and Prayers

  1. Why do you hate America?

    Our stock market is at all time highs. Our corporations’ freedoms have never been more absolute. And global warming? Fake news.

    So what’s your beef THIS time? Another liberal whiner.

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  2. I have been a follower for a few months and greatly appreciate your writing and photography. Yeah, I get the joy of QRP, good antennas and then see what happens.

    My heartfelt sympathy for the close to home murders and the aftermath that follows. There was a mass shooting in my little town. It changed things.

    I am neither liberal nor conservative, just a man who can feel, observe, think, pray and empathize.


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    • Thanks Jim – at first I wanted ti “blame” one thing or one person or one organization – but the problem is way more complex than that.

      I was brought up to believe in The Golden Rule – regardless of a persons background, political bent, age, etc, etc.

      My only prayer is that The Golden Rule somehow is revived – it seems to be something Lost in America these days . . . .


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