Will Bouvet, 3Y0I Happen?

Maybe a better question would be “What would prevent this team from going – and its not raising enough money” . . .

They are still “unconventional” in their approach, but their recent communications regarding their ask for funding has convinced me to donate again – and generously:


The ONLY reason I am donating again – is that the team is showing some humility, and they acknowledge that Mother Nature is not being too kind as far as Climate Change is concerned. Climate Change is Real, and I am so sick of all the morons in the world who say nay to that. Of course, its also because they almost got to Bouvet before they risked their lives in a storm and had to turn around.


Look at the section where they admit that Nature Bats Last.

I feel that these guys have shown some humility and that they are very honest. I’m more than OK that they are still “unconventional” maybe even a bit awkward – (and you all know my background with VK0EK – where I was 1/3rd of the team that raised all of the money for that extremely expensive gig – but it was “conventional”).

OK – lets help these guys out. I’ll offer my help to any team that wants to activate Bouvet or Glorioso – the last two that I need. Other than these two – I just don’t care about DXCC any more – but what the heck – I might as well finish what I have started, right?


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