Fall Color Update

We are still in the thick of Fall Colors here in Northern California

The recent winds blew a lot of leaves off the trees – but there are still quite a few trees that are only just starting to turn color. My ginkgo tree has just started to turn color – it has yellow around the edges of the leaves, and soon will burst into a bright yellow.

I’m looking forward to the weekend – last weekend was a “work weekend”, and I’m looking forward to just doing some fun hobby things this weekend – go to the gym, play guitar, play radio and just goof around a bit.

I’m also looking forward to Thanksgiving and the Holidays. I am very thankful for being in the situation I am right now – and hope it lasts a good long while. The big “feather in my cap” this year is applying for two patents – what a far cry from a year ago. Besides meeting with the patent attorney recently, I also met with an outside council who is advising LendUp on how to prepare for CCPA. They basically said we are WAY ahead of everyone else – and my boss is quite pleased with how I have managed getting LendUp prepared for CCPA, but more importantly – getting us ready to better manage our data. We have the same situation I encountered both at Credit Karma and Twitter this past couple of years – so its basically a phase or a “thing” that all companies are going through right now – they have built the “digital economy” and “Fintech” on “Big Data”, and now the “rent is due” so to speak as far as better managing data.

I’m very proud to be ahead of the industry leading this cause – and my 20+ years as an Oracle DBA – which ended around 2005 – has come back to put me in the drivers seat. I have been basically been leveraging lots of old DBA tricks – but this time as a Data Architect and Data Engineer. I’m especially thankful for being this excited and happy at work this late in my career – what a great feeling.

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