il est temps gingko à ky6r

This is what I have been greeted to as I leave my house this week

Things seem to have calmed down now after what felt like a “disheveled” couple of weeks. During the power outage, our tenant of 9 years left and literally gave us notice as she left the country to go to Australia.

A “peak moment” with our Chinese Pistachio tree

So, last weekend and Monday, I painted an entire house in Oakland. My brother in law was staying with us, but luckily, he is Handy and helped out a lot.

Last fleeting moment of 2019 for this beautiful old tree

Add in that massacre in the next neighborhood, and Jesus, what else? Oh yeah Impeachment…

I’m glad I have a bizarre sense of humor, even dark sometimes. And I started this blog post with a French title – both because I love the French language, but also because of Jean Paul Sartre and others who wrote about existentialism – and the absurdity of life.

The last couple of weeks were quite bizarre.

Now, to make things even more interesting, I was asked to write two Patent applications, and today I designed our next Data Warehouse. My ex VP at Credit Karma wrote a glowing review of me, and I feel like the stable genius that is Donald Trump.

Just kidding of course ….

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