FREQ 300: #23 (BG2AUE) and #24 (PJ2ND)

BG2UE on 30M

I worked BG2AUE on 30M where we were both in daylight. 30M is a strange band – most of the year I think it behaves like 40M, but today – as we get closer to the Winter Solstice – it behaved a lot more like 20M. All of this with zero sunspots, at the bottom of the cycle, and me with 5 watts QRP. He has very good ears – I could not believe when he came back to me on my first call. Big fun – that.

10 minutes later I cracked a big JA pileup calling PJ2ND – a contest station on 20M

This one is to be expected – QRP into the Caribbean – especially during contest “season” and with contest super stations is easy on any band and pretty much any time of day or during any point in the sunspot cycle. HOWEVER – with 5 watts I did have to compete with lots of JA’s calling, so because it was QRP – it was a fun challenge.

Pretty good DX now that we are near the Winter Stolstice. The bands have also been quiet – signals just popping out from little noise. That’s been great today.


2 Comments on “FREQ 300: #23 (BG2AUE) and #24 (PJ2ND)

  1. Hi Rich,

    I’m an avid reader of your blog. Usually while commuting on the SMART train from Cotati to San Rafael. I work at the Marin County Civic Center. I just had to comment today. I was returning from visiting/helping out my 92 year old Mom in San Rafael. I was sitting on 101 and decided to turn on the IC7000. I also heard BG2AUE on 30M. As luck would have it I was sitting in traffic on the apex of the Petaluma RIver 101 overpass. The height and salt marsh always peaks sigs a couple S units(I’ve been mobile DXing for MANY years (125 DXCC Mobile) 95% CW). Mobile DXing made the commute somewhat bearable. But now the train is the cats meow!! I catch this sig boost phenomena on Hwy 101 and Hwy 37 over the Petaluma river. I try to time my calls over the bridges :). It works!

    Back to BG2AUE, big sig for my contact at 2220Z, I also think I worked him on the 1st call. I’m running 100W to an Icom AH4 tuner to a 8′ Stainless steel whip from an old lowband (VHF) Marin County Sheriff patrol car. I then heard PJ2ND working all the JA’s and I just couldn’t break the pileup by the time I got home.

    Congrats on the additional 2 counters on the FREQ 300.

    Love the blog.
    Keep it up.

    Jim, K6JS


    • Thanks very much Jim – and love your area – I used to ride all of the cycling rides – Holstein 100, Healdsburg Harvest, Marin Century. I got back into playing guitar because I went to that great music store in Petaluma a few months back. I was visiting a friend who used to be a neighbor in SF way back in the 80’s.

      Great story about making the best of your commute. That SMART train sure is nice – my wife and I took mass transit from here to SF, the Ferry to Larkspur, that new trail to San Rafael (on bikes) and then the SMART train to Santa Rosa. Stayed at the cool retro “Astro” and had a blast.

      The Elecraft KX-2 and KX-3 are awesome – and my commute is too short to carry a rig along – but its great to see you do that.

      73 – es gud QRP DX!



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