The Value of Recreation


First of all – Happy Veterans Day – to all of you who have served. You didn’t run away when your country needed you (no “bone spurs”), and you never sold your country out for your personal gain.

I have today off because of you – and it follows a “whirlwind” week where I need some time off from work. I have several hobbies, and I participate in them after taking care of my family first – going to work, spending time with loved ones, doing plenty of household chores, etc, etc. I took care of my kids and aging parents for many years – my parents have passed and my kids are grown adults.

My recreation and hobby time is valuable – it gives me balance and education – all of my hobbies let me use a different part of my brain than what I use for work. In fact, I find the “switching of gears” is very refreshing – re-creating is a better term.

My pass times offer me a world where – for just a few hours a day – I can dream, fantasize, do nothing or do something. Its all valuable and all contributes to a balanced life. I would go as far as saying that my non work time enables my work time – and that I do a better job because of it. And vice versa of course.

You can’t put a price on that!

One Comment on “The Value of Recreation

  1. Nice job,

    Here some creative atmosphere from the Netherlands😁

    Philip, PA9O



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