QRP Guys Para40Set and EFHW Tuner

Re-purposed Wheatstone Bridge

I just received my Para40Set 40M crystal controlled regenerative receiver and transmitter kit today.

From the QRPGuys Website

My inspiration to put this kit in an old Wheatstone Bridge came from a photo that Elliot, N6PF sent while he was on vacation in France:

British B2 Spy Transceiver used in France during the occupation

This is my Winters Project. I also ordered the EFHW antenna tuner, so it will have all the “Mod Cons” but look WWII Retro.

I wanted to build a tube rig, but realized the solid state version consumes less power and has a few more benefits.

Plus, I already have the National SW-3, which I think is the best regenerative receiver ever.

I will look at some way to take the audio signal and provide enough voltage to make the Wheatstone bridges meter to swing. My goal is to only approximate a signal reading, not to be accurate.

I’ll use an external SWR meter for the tuner and transmitter because the receiver signal strength meter is more “impressive” on such a retro rig. Its more “show” than “go”.

I’ll have to hide the digital readout and also use the Wheatstone Bridge knobs with the modern controls. The controls won’t be circuit board mounted, and in several cases, need to be changed out.

I have a cool key that I will mount on the rig.

This will be retro cool but fully work on the bands.

Big fun. Retro QRP style.

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