Karma is a Dog Day Afternoon

Gordon Sondland Torches the “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight on a Dog Day Afternoon”

Way back on New Years Day, 2018, I proclaimed that Karma will eventually win out regarding the fiasco that our country has endured since Trump took office:

https://topbandchordalhopper.blog/2018/01/03/2018-the-year-of-karma/ ‎

and I even wrote about it before then:

Karma and the Will of Good People

I’ve been shocked, amazed and dismayed that there is so much corruption and “covering” for a band of goons that run our country. I remember back in the 70’s – growing up in the NYC suburbs what a shyster Trump was – but it didn’t matter because if you know NYC – you know it is crawling with shysters and con artists. To be fair, any very large City has more of everything – nothing against New Yorkers. And yeah – there has also been corruption in government going back to probably day 1.

There are many ways to express Karma – “What goes around, comes around”, “Crime doesn’t pay”, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”, etc. Besides using my vote to try to help change a bad political situation, I pretty much have no other power. I’ll admit – the political humor has been epic – so if there is a silver cloud – I have enjoyed the comedy. I don’t expect the comedy to last forever – and the expression “It was all fun and games until someone got hurt” seems to be where we are going next.

But still – today is that day that I have been waiting for. When friends ask me “How can anyone support Trump?” or “Why aren’t any GOP members standing up for our country – but for this 2 bit pathological narcissist”, I answer “Only Donald Trump can bring down Donald Trump”. I am not even concerned with the 2020 election – if Trump were to win (and I don’t think he will), I’ll bet something else will happen – like we will end up in a recession – something he won’t be able to gloss over. History has already been written and it will not be kind to him. It also won’t be kind to his family and their Trump Empire. His legacy is already shit.

My point being – and I have experienced this personally – and know first hand – “Assholes Undo Themselves”. I have seen this first hand in my life – and yes, it never ever happens fast enough – but it happens. This is a true story – its amazing:


The carelessness, the sloppiness, I swear – Trump seems to be channeling Al Pacino in “A Dogs Day Afternoon”. Some have equated him with Tony Soprano – no way, he’s not up to that level. He’s Sonny.

One Comment on “Karma is a Dog Day Afternoon

  1. I’m still enamored with the notes to self written in giant Sharpie, like they were reminders to be stuck on the fridge with a magnet. “I want nothing. I want nothing.” The man is falling apart on live TV and half the country is still in denial. Breathtaking.


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