The KY6R “Desert Island” Gear List

Best Rig Ever – the Elecraft KX-3

Previously, it was the Elecraft K3 and my favorite amp was the ACOM 1500. But I had a KX-3 when they came out – and like a dummy sold it. This is the first rig I bought again after having it before. The only way I’d improve it is to add a second receiver with an RX antenna port.

Nothing comes close – not even my other beloved Begali keys

The AB-577 is the best tower – nothing else comes close. Antenna wise its a tie – the N6BT DXU-32 and the UrbanBeam

The AB-577 was another piece of gear that I had, sold, and then bought another. Believe me – when you go through that – it speaks volumes of how much you like something. You have to swallow your pride and admit you screwed up. And you have to also explain that to your significant other . . .

That’s it as far as absolute essentials go. There are other pieces of gear that I absolutely love – but if I were only allowed to bring one rig, one antenna, one tower and one antenna – when I retire and move away, this would be it.

I would use battery power – solar charged. If I were not allowed a tower, I would put up a ladder line fed doublet – coax out to a 1:1 current choke – and hide the wire high up in the trees (we will have tall trees and no HOA or CC&R’s where I move). A ladder line doublet is what I used to work the first 300 DXCC entities – and they are the easiest antenna to maintain – and can be hidden in tall pines much easier than a tower with horizontal beam. But the simplest beam antenna that covers so many bands and is lightweight and even decent looking for the neighbors – the UrbanBeam on a green AB-577 really can’t be beat!

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