Spy Antenna and Russian Spies in San Francisco

WWII Spy Radio Endfed Long Wire Antenna

This coming week, I will get a chance to use my KX-3 with the antenna that they used with the WWII Spy “Paraset” radios. The UNUN and Coax are modern parts of the antenna, but the rest is true to the original.

I’m not a big fan of an End Fed antenna – they usually create RF in the shack and other nasties – but I am going to guess that with the right counterpoise / radials – that the UNUN can do a good job. In fact, I expect that it will be more like a vertical or sloper. The size of the antenna will probably end up being 1/4 wl – and I’ll have to see if I care to try any other band besides 40M.

I’ll report back on my experiments and findings. I do have a 4:1 and 9:1 UNUN to play with – QRP style.

Speaking of spies – I sure remember this event – and the black smoke coming from the (ex) Russian Consulate in San Francisco:


Its easy to understand why spies would want to hang out in Silicon Valley – and intriguing as well.

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