Holiday Time is in the Air

It’s almost Winter and the end of the year – time to celebrate

It’s been a great year that is ending on a great note. It’s the “polar opposite” to last year.

Its fun to get lost in the Holiday Seasons parties and pageantry

There is always hope no matter how dim it seems sometimes

We all have our trials and tribulations, and we are rewarded for toughing it out – eventually.

The VP who was above my (really terrible) boss at my last job wrote the nicest Referral for me on my LinkedIn profile. It gives me total vindication.

Then this year at LendUp I have stepped up several more levels, and I am at the top of my career – almost 40 years into it!

Keep on keepin’ on. It gets better!

Happy Holidays – whatever you celebrate. It starts for me with the Fall Harvest.

Kat and I have some fun, relaxing plans to end this year, and will use this time wisely because 2020 will be a very busy but exciting year.

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