Agent 2001

Agent 2001 – going rogue . . .

When I was in high school, I had a neighbor across the street who was in IT and was a really nice guy. I was his paperboy and his younger boy used to ask if I was the “Nose Boy” – (he couldn’t say “News Boy”). I remember my mother telling me that when I was his age I couldn’t say “Jelly” – I would say “Gloddy”. I also would say “Fruck” instead of Truck. Go figure.

Anyway, my neighbor was listening one night to “2001: A Space Oddity”. Lets just say he was in a “jovial mood”. He knocked on our door and asked if I was sending Morse Code (he knew I was a Ham and like all of my other neighbors never complained about my Rohn 40′ self standing tower) that I had clamped to the face board at the apex of the roof – no guy wires required.

He said “Hey Man, are you sending Morse Code?”. I very nervously said yes, apologized and said I could fix that problem (I figured it was TVI). He said “No Man, its cool – its sounds great coming in on my stereo while listening to “2001: A Space Oddity”. “Keep doing it”.

I’ll never forget it.

This Thanksgiving I am remembering neighbors from many years ago and how much fun I had growing up in a small town with a pretty tight knit community where everyone knew each other and there were so many characters I could write a pretty funny story about it – a la Jean Sheppard – K2ORS. I’ll bet we all have such stories.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family – and Happy Holidays.

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